Orto Botanico dell'Università degli Studi di Palermo

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L'Orto Botanico dell'Università di Palermo è una tra le più importanti istituzioni accademiche italiane. Considerato un enorme museo all'aperto, vanta oltre duecento anni di attività che gli hanno consentito anche lo studio e la diffusione, in Sicilia, in Europa e in tutto il bacino del Mediterraneo, di innumerevoli specie vegetali, molte originarie delle regioni tropicali e subtropicali. La peculiarità di questo Orto è rappresentata oggi dalla grande varietà di specie ospitate, che ne fanno un luogo ricchissimo di espressioni di flore diverse.

Contact infomation

Indirizzo : Via Lincoln, 2, 90133 Palermo PA, Italy
Telefono : 📞 +3909123891236
Regione : Sicily
Sito web : http://www.ortobotanico.unipa.it
Ore : + 15:00-17:00 : Tu, We,
+ 21:00-23:00 : Sa,
+ 09:00-19:00 : Sa,
+ 15:00-16:00 : We,
+ 09:00-13:00 : Tu, We,
+ 21:00-22:00 : We,
+ 10:00-18:00 : Fr,
+ 21:00-01:00 : Fr,
+ 10:00-21:00 : Su,
+ 09:00-20:00 : Mo,
+ 18:00-19:00 : We,
+ 09:00-16:00 : Th,
+ 19:00-20:00 : Th,
Contatto con l'impresa:
E-mail : [email protected]
Telefono : 📞 09123891236
Botanical garden Open air museum
Città : Palermo

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Małgorzata Łukianow

A wonderful place to rest during a hot day in Palermo. A lot of benches among exotic flora
Nikas Solovej

Unbelievable experience, even during January it was beautiful, astonishing trees, plants, photos can’t represent how beautiful it was! Must have see and visit to everyone in Palermo
Roman Park

Compact and cozy garden with many species. Good place to visit. Nature beauty in the Babylon. 6€
Afonso p

A very beautiful Botanical garden, on the outskirts of the old city. Worth a detour. It is not so well known that it sits in the area where the autos de Fe were performed, from the XVI century until 1724. Knowing this makes you value even more the peace of mind that the place arouses centuries later. The entrance buildings are ridiculous, almost like a postmodernist collage of classical elements, but they were built in the end of the XVIII century by Leon Dufourny. The greenhouses and some areas of the garden are in a clear state of disrepair, but this process of the natural slowly engulfing the artificial adds to the peace you feel when experiencing the diversity of plants present.
Dawit Norval

This Botanical garden in the heart of Palermo is amazing. One of the most incredible gardens i have ever seen!! If i could give it a 11 out of 10 i would. A must see if you are visiting Palermo.
mohamed khaled

The botanical gardens are soo nice. There is a huge variety of plants, trees and flowers and also several greenhouses with different biomes. There are suggested routes that are color coded with estimated time of the tour we were following the red one and ended up making our own way. The entry ticket is 7 euros for the general public and 4 euros for under 25 it is free for erasmus student studying in Palermo.
Tommaso Pante

Enchanting botanical garden! Probably one of most beautiful of all Europe! Whenever you love botany or not this should not to be missed when in Palermo! Any period of the year is beautiful. I’m totally sure you won’t be disappointed..
Kateryna Porshnieva

Really nice botanical garden, good selection of plants you can find here. Maybe a little bit overgrown and untended, but very charismatic Really recommend visiting during winter, all citrus trees are in season and it smells amazing! Bamboo garden, cacti alley, orchid greenhouse and pretty big monstera. A lot of birds (including parrots), huge ficus trees and palm alley
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