Ballarak Magione

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Contact infomation

Indirizzo : Via Castrofilippo, 20, 90133 Palermo PA, Italy
Telefono : ๐Ÿ“ž +393440108559
Regione : Sicily
Sito web :
Facebook :
Ore : + 18:00-02:00 : Tu, We, Th, Fr, Sa, Su,
+ closed : Mo,
Cittร  : Palermo

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Really good beers for good prices. Love the area its located. Makes for a very chilled out evening over there
Chris Elliott

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A fantastic brewery. If you're slightly skeptical of anyone else other than the British, Americans or Belgians taking on brewing their own version of said nations' beers, then you will be more than converted by Ballarak. There are many micro breweries back in the UK and the States who could learn a thing or two from these guys. The beers I had were superb, and as you can see from the photo, along with their own extensive range, there was an impressive list of guest beers that seemed to all be Sicilian/Italian. Their rye stout (Little Black Submarine) was particularly impressive. Good social distancing measures are in place (well, until you get out of the bar and into the big Kalsa square, but it is very easy to get quickly past the throng and find a nice quiet spot on the walls or grass).
Gareth Bannister

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Great beers and they make their own too! Recommended as there aren't many places like this in Palermo
Kelsie Mash

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We stopped in for a quick drink and ended up staying for a few drafts and a sandwich! Really nice atmosphere and kind staff, and we enjoyed the beer selection.
Paweล‚ Pieล›cik

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Great place, with great beers and staff of course.
Andrรกs Lux

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A nice craft beer pub, we had a few beers here. There are many taps (looks a bit more than 20) with a good selection of craft beers from Italy. They are not on Untappd, however you can get to their own page with beerlist via scanning a QR code on the table. Service is nice and they can make decent recommendations. Restrooms are ok for a pub, but not especially clean. Vibe is great with obvious care about craft beers, so 5*.
Gus Katsinis

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Very instresting products and atmosphere! Guys from the brewery were absolutely friendly and willing to explain you everything about their beers. In contrast the serving stuff was bit sleepy and bored, like they made us a favor they served us, they need improve their behavior!
Alex Tuns

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A simple charming brewpub in Palermo. They offer an amazing range of home-brewed beerts on tap carefully designed and thought by a creative owner. There is something for everyone's taste and whatever one you choose won't dissapoint you in the slightest. A chill ambiance can be felt around the place wherever you are heading there after a long day at the office or looking for a new beer to try out for the evening. I had the great pleasure of spending a few days, enjoying and admiring what the place has to offer. You won't find a better place than this in the whole city. Friendly staff makes the whole experience even more enthralling. They offer over 15 home crafted brewed options as well as some other italian crafted beers. My personal favourite has to be the 'BIttersweet Symphony IPA'. If I return in Palermo in the future, I know just the place where I want to enjoy a cold draft pint.
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