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Steven grew up in California in a home filled with Italian art and literature, inherited his father's passion for Italy at an early age and always remained oriented to art. Throughout his (once) restless life, he has lived in Italy, England, Sweden, France and Canada.   He returned to Italy in 1989 to continue studies, this time art history in Florence. He is fluent in Italian and French and has completed the professional course for sommeliers.




Elvira grew up in Hamburg, her names reflecting both German and Sicilian descent. Her knowledge of Italian and international wines stems from working in wine tourism, public relations, extensive travel, and study in Europe and abroad. She has professional certification as a sommelier (Diploma Professionale, Associazione Italiana Sommeliers, Terzo Livello). In addition to her native German and Italian, she is fluent in English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese.

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[Wine] " itself is the representation of the world. There exists a simple reason for this being that wine, in its infinite complexity of expressions is, the planet over, the closest thing to the image of the human being, uniting Judeo-Christian and Greek-Roman traditions. It retains, or rather prolongs, them—alive, vital and current. Wine is thus a unique guardian of western civilization. Trying to grasp the world state of wine is inevitably a quest for our relation to life and death, but also the conveyance of a past facing the future."

"A wine grower is, at the same time, a farmer, merchant, and artist. His attachment to the earth is with great humility (submissive to nature’s whims) and, by the same token, the wine created by his work of that same earth and directly bound to the greatest ambitions of the culture in which he lives. And like artists, it is necessary to dream, bring pleasures, and provoke exchanges between people. The task for which the farmer gives his soul is—contrary to works of art—intrinsically ephemeral yet produced with immediacy."

Interview with Jonathan Nossiter, director of Mondovino  

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Indirizzo : Via Molino a Vento, 53020 Trequanda SI, Italy
Telefono : 📞 +39 0577 660290
Regione : Tuscany
Sito web :
Ore : + 09:00-17:00 : Sa,
+ 00:00-23:59 : Mo, Tu, We, Th, Fr, Su,
Contatto con l'impresa:
Nome : Steven Kronenberg
E-mail : [email protected]
Città : Trequanda

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